Engaging, online learning opportunities to keep your child on their "A" game!  

Private tutoring :

During 60-minute or 30-minute sessions, let our friendly tutors meet your child's specific academic needs.

Available for grades: K-12

Cost: $35+tax/60-minute session

          $20+tax/30-minute session

Online Reading Support Classes:

Eager for your child to keep reading in French outside of school? Worried that they may not be pronouncing the words correctly or understanding what they're reading? We have lots of fun, interactive activities to help your child improve in these areas! 

Available for grades: 1-6 

Cost: $10+tax/class  

Online Math Support Classes:

Math curriculum typically builds on concepts covered in the previous year. In our math support classes, we aim to fill in the gaps for topics that may not have been covered in depth (or at all) due to school closures. Through games and fun challenges, we'll make sure that your child deepens their knowledge in math.  

Available for grades: 1-6 

Cost: $10+tax/class  

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