3 Ways to Help Your Child Prepare for the Fall

Parents, we are just over 2 weeks away from the first day of the 2021-22 school year and I’d like to share 3 ways that you can help your child transition from summer to school mode.


1. “En français, s’il vous plaît!” If your child hasn’t had the opportunity to think or speak in French this summer, now is the time to get them back in the habit! Here are some suggestions:

● Plan a play-date with a few other kids in French immersion and offer a small prize if the kids can speak in french the whole time.

● Check out the Canadian Parents For French- NL facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/Canadian-Parents-for-French-Newfoundland-and-Lab rador-140007729743838), they have in-person and virtual events for French Immersion students over the next couple of weeks and most of them are free.

● Screen time can be an excellent opportunity to access songs and videos in French to remind your child of common expressions and vocabulary. Check out my previous post for a list! https://www.frenchforlife.com/blogs/news/take-back-your-coffee-time-and-help-yo ur-child-improve-their-french

2. Ensure that your child is back on a regular schedule the week before school starts.

We all know that bedtimes get a little later over the summer as those beautifully long evenings encourage us to stay by the campfire just a few extra minutes. Summer moments like those create family memories that last a lifetime, so certainly, make time for them.

As we get closer to September, however, it’s important for students to get back in the habit of getting up in time to get a good breakfast and make it to school before the bell.

Tip: If your child has been having less structured mornings over the last couple of months, it may be good to plan a couple of 9:00am activities the week before school starts, as a practice run. An early morning trip to the library or play date with a friend will help remind your child of the things that have to be done before they leave for the day, just like when school is in session.

3. Reconnect with school friends

The summer gets so busy that sometimes kids don’t get the chance to spend time with the friends that they normally see in school. To help ease the transition, help your child gather a few classmates together to catch up. If your child has any social anxiety or just struggles with starting new things, seeing some familiar faces in advance can help them feel more confident on the first day of school.

Mme Michelle is an Instructional Resource Teacher in St. John’s, Newfoundland and is passionate about helping students with diverse needs thrive at school and in the real world. She started French For Life in 2012 with the goal of helping French Immersion students get the support they need to become bilingual, despite academic challenges.

Interested in learning more about French For Life virtual or in-person tutoring? Contact info@frenchforlife.com.

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