Our Team


Mme Allie

Mme Allie is a forth year student at Memorial University completing the final semester of her Bachelor of Arts (major in French). In the fall, she hopes to continue her studies at Memorial in the faculty of Education. Mme Allie enjoys all outdoor activities, reading and crafting! She is available to tutor K-12 French immersion, core French, and English language arts along with K-6 math and science

Mme Jess

Mme Jess is located in Nova Scotia and available for virtual sessions with students from k-9 for all subjects. She has a Bachelor of Arts in French from Memorial University and is now taking a Bachelor of Science in psychology at Mount Saint Vincent in Halifax. She is planning to pursue a career in primary French Immersion education. When she’s not working, she loves to spend time in the kitchen, and traveling.



Mme Lindsay

Mme Lindsay is currently studying at Memorial University in St. John's, NL pursuing a Bachelor of Arts with a major in French and minor in Linguistics. She has been dancing since she was 3 years old and still enjoys taking classes in her free time as well as spending time with family and friends. Mme Lindsay is available to tutor K-12 French Immersion or core French students in the areas of French language (reading, writing communication), and social studies.


Mme Mackenzie

Mme Mackenzie is currently in the last year of her French degree at Memorial University, she then plans on pursuing a primary/elementary education degree. She's been learning French since the age of 5 and has continued to grow her french experience over the past 18 years. Mme Mackenzie loves to spend her free time playing guitar and piano, or in the kitchen baking; chocolate chip cookies are her favourite! She is available to tutor K-6 French immersion or core French students in the areas of French language (reading, writing, communication), as well as K-3 math. She looks forward to sharing her passion for French with all her students!

M. Sebastian 

M. Sebastian grew up in a bilingual household where French was the primary language. He started his official studies in French at 5 years old at Samuel-de-Champlain school where he embraced his Acadian roots, found his love for education, and ultimately graduated. He went on to pursuit his studies in the combined Music-Education program at Université de Moncton. He returned to Samuel-de-Champlain as a long-term supply teacher for K-5 music and a short-term supply teacher in all subjects for K-12. He has since then returned to school as a student in the Power Engineering program. When M. Sebastian isn’t studying, he enjoys spending his time playing guitar in different projects and enjoys listening to all genres of music. He is available to tutor K-12 French Immersion or Core French students in French language studies (reading, writing and comprehension), K-12 English language arts, K-10 Math, and Sciences, as well as Music (theory and dictation).

Mme Véronique 

Mme Véronique has a degree in Education and has done private tutoring for many years in both French and English. She studied in St. John’s Newfoundland but is originally from a French town in New-Brunswick. Mme Véronique is now teaching full time in French in her home province. She loves helping students reach their full potential and has a definite passion for teaching. In her free time, she spends time with her pets and horses and loves to go to her dancing classes. She is available for to tutor K-12 French immersion or core French students in the areas of French language (reading, writing, communication), K- 8 math or other French subjects.

Mme Sarah 

Mme Sarah is a fourth-year student at Memorial, pursuing a French major. She hopes to later complete a Bachelor of Education and become a high school French teacher! Mme Sarah has studied French since grade 7, including spending multiple summers in Quebec at immersion programs. In her free time, Mme Sarah likes to spend time with her family and her rescue pup Joey. She loves hiking, reading, and tending to her growing collection of house plants. She is available to tutor K-12 Immersion and Core French students for in-person sessions this fall!